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Technologies For Learning

At Elements Primary School, we have the newest technologies that inspire our children and equip them with important skills for the future.

  • Chromebooks in every classroom and for every child
  • Interactive screen technology
  • Learning through exploring

An education at Elements Primary is unlike an education anywhere else.

  • Google Classroom – used in class and at home as part of Blended Learning
  • VR Headsets to transport children to other worlds and give them first-hand experiences
  • Now>Press>Play – immersive storytelling, where children take a lead role in acting out the story with their own personal headset
  • Programmable toys
  • Remote control toys
  • Metal Detectors
  • Robots
  • Lego Mindstorms
  • Computer Coding
All Elements children, from Reception upwards, are proficient in the use of the Google Suite, from Docs and Drawings, to Web Searches and Voice Typing.

At Elements, we use technologies on a daily basis that help prepare children for life, for education and for work in the twenty first century.

Technologies for Learning