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Reading is at the heart of our whole curriculum.  We strongly believe that the ability to read opens up the world to a child and so we are passionate and committed to enabling children to become confident and fluent readers. As well as this we are committed to developing children’s comprehension knowledge and skills in understanding the impact that an author has on their readers.

For Literacy, we use the McKie Mastery ‘Power’ approach. From EYFS, children are set in groups based on their reading fluency ability to ensure they are receiving the provision that they need to make strong progress. Across the groups children will have the opportunity to practice their reading fluency as well as develop their comprehension knowledge and skills.  


At Elements Primary School we aim to teach children to:-

  • Read with fluency, accuracy and understanding.
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.
  • Develop a love of reading, stretching their imagination.
  • Use texts as a source to enhance knowledge and understanding of vocabulary.

In addition to Literacy lessons, we employ a team of reading assistants who aim to ensure that all children in EYFS and KS1 are heard to read every day as well as those children in KS2 who are not yet fluent readers.  We also ask that parents/carers support their child at home by hearing their child read daily.


Phonics is taught daily from EYFS as part of our Power English lessons/provision.  All children, regardless of age, are receiving daily phonics teaching appropriate to their ability.   We currently follow ‘McKie Mastery: Power Phonics’ as our programme of study. 

Children in Year 1 are required to take a statutory check to assess their understanding of phonics. These results are shared with parents as part of our end of year reports.

Reading schemes

Elements Primary School uses books that have been recommended through the ‘McKie Mastery: Power Phonics’ programme to support the children to develop their reading skills. Children are given books appropriate to their reading ability.

Once children have progressed on to ‘free readers’ we have designed a bespoke ‘Reading Spine’ that the children work through. 

The Elements Reading Spine

We are incredibly proud of our Reading Spine here at Elements. Made up of 9 collections, children read over 180 titles ranging from ‘There’s a Rang Tang in My Bedroom’ to ‘Wonder’. The spine has been curated to represent a diverse range of authors and publish dates. Research into reading, predominantly the work of Doug Lemov and Pie Corbett, has informed our approach and the text types that we have included in the Spine. 


We aim for our children to be immersed into the books that they read. Our children delve deep into a variety of high quality authors so that they can begin to develop an understanding of the key writing structures, grammatical rules and a significant range of ambitious, varied vocabulary. In addition to being aspirational authors, we want our children to understand that writing is a process whereby they exercise the tools they have at their disposal to inform, entertain, argue and persuade other readers. In order to achieve this, our timetable is significantly focused on vocabulary development, inference and an understanding and appreciation of the reader. Children are supported through the whole of the writing process, as they are given opportunities to plan, draft, edit and redraft their writing. They are then able to take pride in their work, presenting their writing to their peers and celebrating their achievements.

elements year 3 book