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About Us

We opened our doors to children in September 2018 to meet the demand for Primary School Places in the Middleton area.

Elements Primary is growing with the children… adding a Reception intake every year until full in 2024.

Innovative, creative, exciting, unique, exceptional, amazing, and nearby.

Elements Primary School brings:

  • A love of learning that is built around emotional, intellectual, cultural and physical self-awareness.
  • Inspirational learning opportunities using modern technologies
  • Extended days and enrichment activities that include family learning
  • Community engagement beyond the school day.
  • Experiential learning and enrichment activities that include family learning.
  • The ongoing celebration of children and their learning that is built into the curriculum and into the fabric of the school.

We are a Google School and many of our teachers are certified Google Educators. We pride ourselves in our commitment to providing the very best education, while making the most of the fantastic range of technology we have available to us. To find out more about how we use technology in school, visit our Technologies for Learning page.


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