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Our Curriculum is Creative, Unique and Innovative


At Elements Primary School we have created our very own ‘Excellence of Elements Curriculum’. Subject leaders have worked closely with the Senior leadership team and Curriculum Manager to design, provide and deliver a curriculum that inspires children to learn about, be and become ‘World Changers’. 


The aims of our curriculum are as follows:


  • To inspire and foster a love of learning in all children 
  • To provide memorable and inspiring experiences 
  • To enhance and develop the vocabulary of all of our pupils 
  • To give ownership of work to our children 
  • To celebrate our children and their learning all day, every day 


We believe that learning is a creative process. We immerse our children in rich experiences using story, imaginative play, film, drama and music. We believe that the best learning is possible when you are passionate about something. We aim to light fires in children’s imaginations and encourage them to become their brilliant best. To enhance this further we have trained staff on how to use new and innovative equipment such as Google Classroom and Now Press Play. 


Elements was built to innovate. We will always want to be the best. We will always want to offer the very best to our children. Our teacher development and ongoing CPD opportunities will ensure that we are always ahead of the curve.


Quite simply, there is no other school like Elements. We offer you the unique opportunity to become part of a brand new learning community.

A Praise Culture

Praise is central to our culture. We believe that a culture of praise and celebration heightens motivation. A positive praise culture creates a “feeling” in a school. Motivated learners are more effective learners. Happy children enjoy school more and spread happiness.

Every week we have ‘Celebration Friday’ where we celebrate children’s successes that week.

Please believe: your child will thrive at Elements Primary School.


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Intent, Implement, Impact