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Creative, Innovative, Unique (Our Vision)

At Elements Primary School, we aim to give all the children of Elements Primary School the knowledge, skills, resilience,  and ambition to become confident world changers at a local, national and global level. 

We believe that learning is a creative process. We immerse our children in rich experiences using story, imaginative play, film, drama and music. We believe that the best learning is possible when you are passionate about something. We aim to light fires in children’s imaginations and encourage them to become their brilliant best.

Elements was built to innovate. We will always want to be the best. We will always want to offer the very best to our children. Our teacher development will ensure that we are always ahead of the curve.

Quite simply, there is no other school like Elements. We offer you the unique opportunity to become part of a brand new learning community.

The ‘Elements’ of Elements (Our Values) 

Our Aims

  • Excellence in learning and teaching

Learning and teaching are based in the Elements Approach. The Elements Approach can be summarised as one of high challenge, high engagement and high participation. This approach to teaching and the dynamic, energising Elements Curriculum, underpinned by deep professional development at all levels, is designed to achieve a step change in outcomes for children.

  • Raise standards through the Elements Curriculum

In order to bring about this change, the design of the learning process embraces modern technology, alongside fun, adventure and deep-seated opportunities to learn and explore. Each strand of the Elements Curriculum addressed learning by doing and sharing.

  • Raise standards by involving families and parents

We believe that it takes a community to educate a child. We aim to ensure that parents are ever present in the learning process. An outward facing culture of community engagement creates a school community that encourages widened participation.

  • Community Celebration

We celebrate our children’s successes. Whole school, whole community, celebrations happen weekly. They provide a forum for excellence for pupils and families. Consistent high expectations, support and effective differentiation ensure that everyone succeeds.

  • Staff Training and Succession Planning

Our staff must know that knowledge is key to providing the best help for children. Whole school training programmes for staff are ongoing. We identify, nurture and grow our own staff. Apprenticeships, professional development programmes and leadership development programmes are common features in our schools. Parents can be guaranteed the best quality of staff at Elements Primary School.

  • Improve life chances for children

Our schools will improve life chances for pupils through improved outcomes, nurturing, enhanced confidence and inspiring heightened ambitions and aspirations.