Elements Primary School

Creative Unique Innovative

A Community School and a School Community

Getting Involved

We want your help to shape, develop, grow and improve our school. We are here to serve our pupils and community. We want to hear your voice. We want you to help us invent the future for Elements Primary.

Our children will have their own Pupil Parliament, through which they will be able to influence decision making at the school. Our parents will have their own Parents’ Forum through which they can air their views.


We are always on the lookout for volunteers. We will always encourage and welcome your help. The more hands we have…the more we can help our children. Why not volunteer today?


Contact us to discuss apprenticeship opportunities.

Professional Qualifications

Contact us to discuss how we can help you to gain professional qualifications in education.

Parents’ Forum

It is vitally important to us that your voice is heard. We want our parent community to be a driving force at Elements. We want to be a partner in the education of your child. Great partnerships are founded in great communication.


Elements Primary is sponsored by Wellspring Academy Trust.

Wellspring Academy Trust is a Multi- Academy Trust (MAT) and an approved DfE Academy sponsor. The Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee (not for profit) The Trust believes that access to the best education is a right for all our children and young people.

Communication, communication, communication

Great relationships are founded on great communication. We want to ensure that we always have a great relationship with you.

We promise to keep you informed in as many easy and quick ways as we can, which will include: newsletter, text messaging, telephone contact, parents’ evenings, Parents’ Forums, regular celebration events and school reports.

We want your help and input. We want to hear your views. We want to hear your concerns, should you have them, in order to be able to address them quickly.

To be the best partnership that we can be, let’s communicate, communicate, communicate.